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Sell Your Product,
not Your Soul

Selling skills are an important part of any business career. Whether you are in a current sales role, aspiring to be in one, or in a senior sales, marketing or general management role, an ability to sell effectively is absolutely vital.

In this highly refreshing and original book, John Magar uniquely examines selling skills from the point of view of a life skill in which win-win outcomes eventuate from a selling transaction. Avoiding the platitudes associated with more evangelical titles on selling, John offers a new approach to selling based on concepts in marketing, strategy and societal trends, which will revolutionise your thinking on selling.

The book addresses a myriad of issues that relate to selling and is so thorough as to almost be a bible on how to effectively conduct business. A mere book on selling, this is not.

If you would like to read a highly original work on selling that is written in a bright and breezy way, for which John Magar is renowned, this will be the only book on selling that you will ever need to read.

Packed with real-life examples, anecdotes and practical tools drawn from 20 years experience in the business world, John’s book will ensure that you will sell your product and not your soul.

Comments on John Magar’s writing:
  • “Refreshingly original”
  • “Great writing style”
  • “Clear and engaging communicator”
  • “The only book on selling that anyone will ever need to read”
  • “Highly amusing, yet authoritative writer”
John Magar runs his own sales and marketing consulting company, John Magar & Associates Pty Ltd, and is an experienced consultant, author, public speaker and corporate entertainer.  With over 20 years in senior sales, marketing, general management and consulting roles, John brings an enthusiasm and authority to his work that underpins all his assignments conducted through his business. He lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia.

Get your copy of  Sell Your Product, not Your Soul, by purchasing directly from the author at AUD$24.95 (inc GST) plus postage and handling. Send an automatic email to John Magar by clicking here.

Alternatively, order from Amazon worldwide and have the book delivered straight to you

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